You Don’t Need to Be a Millionaire to Be Generous (My Encounter with Extraordinary People)

In my late teens and early twenties, I have had encounters with multiple cunning, egotistical, and callous people. First, it hurt me beyond measures but now I have become indifferent towards such acts, because for me, like all of us mostly, cruelty seems normal somewhere. We just learn to defend ourselves to survive in this... Continue Reading →


Forget bars and pubs. Beat your urban stress @ the capital’s best kept secret — Champa Gali.

A big warm hello to my friends in Delhi and those planning a visit to the capital anytime soon or even later. I am here to tell you a tale, a tale of a beautiful world breathing in the narrow lanes of Saidub Ajaib, also known as Champa Gali. This world has been created for... Continue Reading →

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