Moon, Zoe, and One Conversation

It was the same old sight for the regulars at that bar, Moon was famous (rather infamous) for creating a mess every weekend. It was almost monotonous how she would enter the bar at sharp nine, flaunting a brand new dress from an expensive label each time, and occupy the centremost table of the bar,... Continue Reading →

Eight in the evening (a short story)

Sid, a 27-year-old millionaire was living a high life. He had everything -- good looks, money, friends and many fans. Wherever he would go, he was the sun and the moon. But at eight every evening, his reality was different.

The Problem With “Happy Girls Are the Prettiest”

What's both upsetting and alarming is that we don't want to see anything else but happy faces around us so that we don't have to address the real issues. Happiness is as organic and obvious an emotion as sadness, grief, frustration, and hopelessness. But we only talk about happiness — discarding other emotions in us — and as result, distancing ourselves from happiness even further.

I can fake it for an hour, okay two hours. Post that, it hits me again. Life has been changed. All I ever want is to hug someone and cry for hours. I think life would have been better if I had cancer, not my father.

Calamities Teach Us Life

I've cursed the pandemic immeasurably for all the blues in my life. Even if I skip all the rant and rave for now, I would still talk about how painful this year has been. All the moments of agony have hit me differently this time and I consider this the worst calamity of my life:... Continue Reading →

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