To all women weak and strong.

To all women labelled weak and strong, fat and skinny, non-ambitious and successful, outspoken and shy, ugly and beautiful, lovable and to-be-comprised with, loved and cheated upon, happy and depressed, healthy and sick, fashionable and nay, a very very happy women's day! It was after centuries of oppression that we got out first right, the... Continue Reading →

Little Bursts of Happiness

I'm gonna reveal a tiny secret about myself, tell me if you relate with me. The slightest news of happiness fills my heart with a fear of something despairing happening next. Which means, instead of enjoying the moment, celebrating the happiness that showed up on my door and doing a victory dance in the corner,... Continue Reading →

A Mystery Called Life

I am twenty-six already. I don't know why I was born. Or let's put it this way, I am a twenty-six-year-old woman who does not know the purpose of her life, she sometimes thinks she is definitely not born for a monotonous job and must do something creative of her own. But at other times, she is scared to define "something creative" and finds it best to continue her monotonous job which she suddenly starts finding interesting, or maybe just comforting enough to continue, she does not know. Or maybe she knows but doesn't want to accept. Or maybe she accepts it, too, but then changes the topic.

The joy of missing out

We have been reading exceedingly about the benefits of being out there, right in front of the most important people, growing our network eternally and eternally, and attending the most happening parties in the town. But what if we find both joy and peace in missing out? I am not talking about personality types here... Continue Reading →

Monsoon stories from Goa

I am not one of those fancy travel bloggers. But I do enjoy my little escapes and like to dawdle in lesser-known lanes. And for exactly the same reasons, I had some inhibitions for Goa -- infamous for being crammed and common. But something convinced me to hit the Goan land this time and thanks to Jesus that it happened and how? While it poured all day, all night!

Love at First Sight

I had never believed in the idea of love at first sight until June 02, 2019. A tiny pup with big floppy ears and a royal blue ribbon tied around his neck walked into our woof-deprived home.

Thoughts on turning 25

It was the month of December when I was reading Notes from a Small Room by Ruskin Bond, sitting in a small garden in Shimla and came across a fleeting mention of Thoughts on Turning 25 -- an article he wrote at that young, wild and free age. I stumbled there for a few minutes... Continue Reading →

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