DIGGIN- Where Eating Is Not Just An Act, But An Experience!

You deserve a Sunday morning breakfast to laugh at "those old days" with your long lost friends. And an afternoon with your best friend to gossip and laugh carelessly. You also deserve an evening reserved for yourself sipping some cappuccino and reading your favorite book, and how do I not mention, you definitely deserve a... Continue Reading →


You will heal and you deserve to celebrate your small victories while you do it.

In this fast flipping world when I have got big things to achieve and the time is racing, Why should I stop and smile at the things that make me feel alive? I am busy ranting about how far my goal is from where I stand today, I am busy crying over the past that... Continue Reading →

The Indian Boho Chic

If you are even slightly interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the Indian fashion zone, you would probably know about the tremendous rise in the bohemian style which is now becoming a way of life. Free and flowing dresses, chappals, junk jewelries, messy hairstyles and nude makeup, basically everything that screams boho... Continue Reading →


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