We Are Our Imperfections & We Are Absolutely Perfect Like That

In the world of Photoshop, men and women have become more conscious than ever about how they look. Size zero for women and 6 packs for men have not just remained a personal choice but have widely become a societal pressure and the brutal act of body shaming is sabotaging human self esteem more than ever. Every time i contemplate on it, i fail to understand why have we started comparing ourselves to those magazine cover models who themselves don’t look like that in reality. Photoshop, by and large, has redefined beauty standards and sadly, it’s for the worse.

10 Ways to Look More Busty 

8 Hacks for Women With Small Buts 

5 Ways to Get Fair Skin

How to Look  More Masculine and Attract Women, and endless more..

Such absolute bizarre posts, hugely in trend, successfully score million thumbs ups, thousands shares and hundreds of comments with people tagging each other and thanking for the so called “life changing” tips. Little do these poor readers know it’s  the cruel world trying to make them feel bad about themselves, demean their self worth and prepare them to begin comparing themselves to those fake bodies who are excessively edited to look that way and it is just a trick to run businesses out of their body issues which are purposely created. Women are always tall, slim, fair and flawless with perfect bust and perfect butt and men are always tall, well built and have that perfect jaw line.

I am a short girl with a long nose, a curvy body which has no thigh gap, many scars on my face which is sensitive to the city’s pollution and is mostly tanned, a few stretch marks on my legs and frizzy hair most of the times. I don’t look like any of those magazine cover girls, nah, never! I am like any other girl who is sometimes waxed and sometimes not. Sometimes all dressed up and sometimes shabby, sometimes toned and sometimes bloated. The color of my face and neck never match and i get keep getting one or two pimples every now and then. I don’t wear push up bras to uplift my breasts and look so called appealing to the world at the cost of my own discomfort. I have uneven set of teeth. I get scrutinized sometimes  with comments like ” You look beautiful but there is just one flaw i.e. your nose” “You are just a little short” ” You are so tanned, go bleach your face” to cite just a few among many other judgments.

No matter now much happy i am with myself and my body or people like me who practice self love are with themselves, racist encounters are not alien to us.

But i think i would like to praise myself a little here. Why praise? Because i simply choose to not give a fuck about it. I am happy with i have got and confidently carry all my imperfections with me everywhere i go. I am not ashamed of my scars, my curves and my skin. I love myself enough to not believe this absolutely appalling worldly definition of beauty. I think i am perfect with all my worldly imperfections.

Before ending this article, i want to humbly request all those lovely ladies and my dear beautiful girls in their teens who mercilessly compare themselves to those flawless skin and bodies on television and magazines which do not even exist, who freak out on their scars and marks and put multiple layers of makeup to hide them, who think their natural faces aren’t good enough for the world and hence filter endlessly to only change their identity before uploading any picture on social media, who become the victim of these manipulative beauty brands and spend their hard earned money to look a certain way, only to achieve nothing from it and lastly, who have forgotten how to love themselves just the way they are.

My dearest beautiful women, embrace yourselves and break free from one narrow definition of beaut. Beauty cannot be measured. There is no rule that says only tall, fair and thin is beautiful. Short, fat and dark are equally beautiful. You are absolutely perfect. Your shape (fat or thin) makes you unique, your color(fair or dark) makes you unique, your hair ( curls or straight) makes you unique, and your height ( tall or short) makes you unique. You are unique, each part of you is beautiful and you deserve all the love for who you are in reality, not who you become after filtering your pictures hundred times and applying tonnes of make-up on your face.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, if your beholders only know how to scrutinize, fuck’em and love yourself because you deserve that. 










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