Feelings of a Brooding Soul

After a difficult night yesterday and an equally difficult morning today, i am almost certain i am going  back home from work tonight with a long face and a disappointed heart. Sometimes pain makes me blank. Albeit i am an optimist who is pepped up most of the times, but emptiness do not fail to surround me on a few dark nights which leaves me with a heavy heart and moist eyes demanding to shed unsolicited tears but ah, they never get my permission ( except for a few nights when my loo feels like home)

My career has been a profound part of my life, big or small, anything that happens in this space has a profound impact on my mood, my lifestyle, my behavior, my life basically. Last few days have been a epitome of perplexity for me. With losing interest in everything i  loved deeply, the thought that has been corroding the peace of my mind has been with WHAT TO DO NEXT IN MY LIFE. I have worked hard, both personally and professionally. I have given my best to my organization and i am happy with how far i have come. But the blurry lines ahead scares me to death. As far as my memory is concerned, i have never wanted an average life for myself. I never wanted to open my eyes to a laptop and sleep myself to a laptop working for someone else and perpetually be unsatisfied with what comes for it at the end of every month. Sadly, life has become so, average and i hate it to the core of my heart..

Let’s see what comes next to this.

Yours truly

A Brooding Soul!




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