You are doing quite well, aren’t you?

Hey, i hope you are doing well. You left the bed without snoozing off the alarm and straight off went to get ready for work, had your breakfast, boarded the metro/bus walking at the speed of light, pushing everyone behind and secured a seat. In the 30-60 minutes of your travel, you quickly went through the news on your mobile app subtly ignoring everyone standing infront of you, expecting you to leave your seat for them. While you reached your office, you hurried off to punch in and not cross the expected time even by a minute because, rules are rules and salary is utmost important! You worked, worked, worked and tried to complete all the tasks within the given time frame, quickly had your lunch and got back to your seat, working, working, working! You left your office after 9+ hours and rushed again for the same old metro/bus rituals, reached home almost dead, changed your clothes, ate, watched some television and slept.

Hey! I hope you are doing really well, aren’t you? 🙂


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