Moving Forward in Life with THE CAPSULE WARDROBE

My growing up years in Patna has been quite tendentious with preconceived notions about how one looks. The kids who loved wearing nice trendy clothes, went for movies and loved beautifying themselves a little were put on the lower end of the ladder because the upper section was reserved for the ones with oiled hair, oversized clothes and nerdy glasses, fundamentally the TOPPERS!

Dressing and lifestyle had a huge psychological connotation in my town back then, we were socialized in a way where looking stylish meant going astray. So. the studious ones would automatically shift to those shabby looks even though they had interest in the opposite side of the spectrum. One of the most prestigious colleges there, Patna Women’s College still has strict prohibition against styling yourself the way you want. No leggings, no nail paints, no open hair, no not- dupatta and the like. (the reasons are left to one’s own interpretation, because it’s beyond my understanding)

I had an inclination towards fashion since my school times, I loved clothes horsing and the very idea of make- up always enticed me. The time spent in front of the mirror trying on different clothes and flaunting new hairstyles was the most enjoyable part of my everyday life. But,the real twist is here, I was really good at my academics too, I swear. Yes, that’s how my life was a little different, thanks to my liberal parents and modern siblings. The scrutiny was there, sometimes it affected me and most of the times, it didn’t.

When I shifted to the glamorous city of New Delhi for my graduation, my interest turned into a passion gradually. I liked how everyone had the freedom to express themselves through their style. I loved how presentable people looked in my college, malls, restaurants, the lanes of CP, anywhere and everywhere and alas, they were absolutely not judged. I started spending time researching and learning about the latest trends, the DIYs, the newest brands, the magical street shopping, Youtube fashion and beauty videos. I started exploring more, shopping more and learning more. My interest was deepening, but I always considered it as just an interest. Post my graduation, utterly perplexed about the next step in my life, I started working in content writing because I had some interest and some internship experience in it. In my last two years of professional life, my liking has turned into pure love for writing which also led me to start Thoughtstreets. I am grateful for so many people for supporting and motivating me for that. I have received so many encouraging words from so many people and can’t thank them all enough for the belief and appreciation.


As my love for fashion continues (which is proved with my crazy stalking of fashion bloggers, spending hours every night streaming through fashion videos and clothes-accessories hoarding), I am ready to start THE CAPSULE WARDROBE, which will bring interesting fashion updates, blog posts, articles, style guides, basically all things fashion!

(It is still a part of thoughtstreets which will now have posts on fashion, in addition to life, society, love, travel and food)

I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming reads and show your kind support here as well.

Thank You!

Wish you all a great weekend 🙂




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