Channelize Your Inner Diva by Rocking These Trends This Summer


The sun is already shining bright, which means, it is the ideal time for you to step up your fashion game and flaunt your summer style. Whether you are a college student or an office going lady, right styling will make you look assertive and keep you happy throughout the day. To make sure you don’t miss out on the latest summer fashion trends of 2017, we will arm you with the top trends this season to bring out the fashionista in you.

Steal the Show in Pin Stripes- Its history when pinstripes were just lawyer things. This trend is getting its due attention with a comeback like never before this season. From wide-legged pants, shirts, skirts to even scarfs and bags, it is occupying the maximum space in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Go out and gift yourself some pinstripes and woo everyone with your swag, you pretty lady!  


Ruffle It Baby- Ruffles are a total game changer, well performing the job of accessories like statement jewelry, handbags, and wrist watches. You can switch on your experimental button with styling it the way you like. And if you are little busy to do that, I would suggest you pair your favorite denim with a ruffled top or simply get into a feminine ruffled dress and you are good to go.

Image result for best ruffled tops

Glow in Pastels- Soften your wardrobe with pretty pastels and look like a goddess this summer. Whether you are a girl next door or are more on the edgy side of style, there is a way for everyone to incorporate these hues and flatter your silhouette. Color blocking is one way to make sure you balance your pastels and look like a fashionista. Pastels are also perfect for your dreamy date evenings, yaaaayyy!

Image result for indian pastel dresses

Show Your Magic in Embroidery- This beautiful trend is loved by all your favorite fashion bloggers and street style perfectionists who flaunt it in the form of jackets, shirts, and dresses mostly. Embroideries add an oomph factor and instantly pep up your look and are sure to get you a lot of compliments to make your day.

Image result for embroidery shirt zara

Be Fun with Tassels- Tassels continue to rock this summer as well with jewelries, bags and even clothes and also have been passed to become one of the most Instagram loved styles. One of the best ways to include tassel in your look is wearing a nice tassel earring with a low cut top and you are ready to slay the world, girl!

Image result for tassel earrings on low cut tops

P.S. These trends are easily available online, in malls and even can be bought at super affordable prices in Sarojini and Janpath. Enjoy 🙂


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