You are doing quite well, aren’t you?

Hey, i hope you are doing well. You left the bed without snoozing off the alarm and straight off went to get ready for work, had your breakfast, boarded the metro/bus walking at the speed of light, pushing everyone behind and secured a seat. In the 30-60 minutes of your travel, you quickly went through... Continue Reading →


The Unpublished Stories

In the world full of fake smiles, i am waiting for the time when i can publish the stories of my real tears.

Feelings of a Brooding Soul

After a difficult night yesterday and an equally difficult morning today, i am almost certain i am going  back home from work tonight with a long face and a disappointed heart. Sometimes pain makes me blank. Albeit i am an optimist who is pepped up most of the times, but emptiness do not fail to... Continue Reading →

Boys Don’t Cry

Patriarchy has not just hit women hard, it has affected men to a large extent too, by dehumanizing them largely. My article talks about the agony of men in the society and the immense pressure on them to be a MAN in the inflexible definition set by the society.

I Believe in the Power of Universe

Life is a mix of happiness & sorrow, success & failures. Don't let failures & hard times define you, get up, face your fears and hit back harder. Everything happens for a reason, destiny has its own plans. Be patient and believe in the power of the universe. You will get what you deserve 🙂

Break The Taboo

In the modern India, we follow plethora of not-so-modern practices, by and large built around superstitions. One such practice is of Menstruation which imposes many taboos on women, further propagating patriarchy in the society. My article is a request to every woman on earth to break such taboos and embrace themselves, their bodies and each of its function. Be proud that nature has given them the power to reproduce. Break the rules. Debunk the myths. Celebrate womanhood. & Cherish life. PERIOD!

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