Listening to the Unheard Stories of the Forgotten Elders

Story of my first visit to an old age home where behind beautiful smiles, the agony of rejection hides itself.


Channelize Your Inner Diva by Rocking These Trends This Summer

           The sun is already shining bright, which means, it is the ideal time for you to step up your fashion game and flaunt your summer style. Whether you are a college student or an office going lady, right styling will make you look assertive and keep you happy throughout the... Continue Reading →

The Indian Boho Chic

If you are even slightly interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the Indian fashion zone, you would probably know about the tremendous rise in the bohemian style which is now becoming a way of life. Free and flowing dresses, chappals, junk jewelries, messy hairstyles and nude makeup, basically everything that screams boho... Continue Reading →

Feelings of a Brooding Soul

After a difficult night yesterday and an equally difficult morning today, i am almost certain i am going  back home from work tonight with a long face and a disappointed heart. Sometimes pain makes me blank. Albeit i am an optimist who is pepped up most of the times, but emptiness do not fail to... Continue Reading →

Boys Don’t Cry

Patriarchy has not just hit women hard, it has affected men to a large extent too, by dehumanizing them largely. My article talks about the agony of men in the society and the immense pressure on them to be a MAN in the inflexible definition set by the society.

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